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Grand Finale - Final Flasback - The Milkman Bows Out

Grand Finale Final Flashback - The Milkman Bows Out 

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Copper Kettle Fudge - Ocean City NJ Boardwalk 

[Author's Note - I know I ended the story and I feel a little bit like Columbo saying goodbye and then returning with one last point or question - Oh, by the way - so I thought I should add one more flashback on the murder of Harry Anglemeyer that you would need to know to figure it out]

The morning after Labor Day 1964, as the sun came up over Margate, Harry Anglemeyer was still sitting in his car when an early morning Copper Kettle Fudge shop deliveryman passed by the Dunes and saw Harry’s car in the empty parking lot and discovered his body.

Since the Egg Harbor Township police didn’t yet exist, New Jersey State Police began the investigation and were all over the crime scene while at the same time a Milkman pulled his truck off the side of the Ocean City – Somers Point causeway on Cowpens Island and parked under a tree to take inventory.

As the Milkman looked at his clipboard he was distracted by some men arguing on the other side of the bushes about thirty yards away by the boat ramp.

“He wasn’t supposed to die,” one of the clearly said, “that doesn’t make any difference,” said another.

The Milkman recognized one of the men in a red and white Ocean City High School football jersey as an Ocean City fireman he knew in school, and while he didn’t know the names of the others he knew one was a Bay Shores bartender, another was a bouncer at the Dunes and the fourth was the brother of an Ocean City police officer. 

“Look at the blood on your shirt,” someone yelled, “that’s evidence” he said as the red and white shirt came off and was thrown in the bay waters.

The Milkman turned the ignition of his truck and quickly pulled out onto the nearly deserted causeway suddenly grabbing the attention of the men, who didn’t know he was there, but just as he recognized them, they knew who he was too.

The Milkman turned on the AM radio in the truck and learned the breaking news that Ocean City fudge merchant Harry Anglemeyer had been murdered, and from the next morning’s newspapers heard about the witness who described a man in a suit and tie hitting Anglemeyer and three other men, who were called “The Good Samaritans,” carried him to his car, and also took his cash and diamond pinky ring. The State Police referred to the three men as “persons of interest” and asked them to come forward, but they never did.
That night the Milkman got a threatening phone call from the guy he knew as the fireman, but then the Milkman got a job he had applied for as an Ocean City fireman, and kept his mouth shut. He did write down and typed up the facts as he knew them and gave a copy to his attorney in case anything ever happened to him, but nothing did and he retired from the OCFD and died in Upper Township of natural causes.

The New Jersey State Police would eventually turn the case over to the Ocean City Police Department and the case files disappeared as the brother of the man in the suit and tie who stuck Anglemeyer rose in the ranks and became chief of police while the policeman who “got the goods” on Anglemyer became chief and then public safety commissioner for twenty years, ensuring that Harry Anglemeyer’s case would never see justice or the light of day. 

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