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Characters Persona - What Became of?

Characters Persona – What Became of? – (In the order of their appearance)

William Warren – Retired Ocean City Police Department

Ralph Sonny Barger – Founder of the Hell’s Angels, currently lives in Southwest USA and is an anti-tobacco smoking advocate

Tom Waldman – Retired Ocean City Travel Agent and Mayor, RIP.

Hunter S. Thompson – Committed suicide in Woody Creek, Colorado.

William Shakespeare – Wrote The Tempest based on the story of Capt. Somers’ shipwreck on Bermuda.

Capt. Somers – Admiral of the Jamestown settlement fleet. Rebuilt a new ship from the wreckage of the old and returned to the Jamestown.

John Somers – Quaker from Whiteladies England, established Somers Plantation that became Somers Point, New Jersey

Harry Anglemeyer – Ocean City Fudge merchant, murdered at the Dunes nightclub, Labor Day, 1964.

D. Allen Stretch – Ocean City Realtor and City Commissioner, Public Safety Director.

John McLain – Building contractor and owner of the historic Gen. Wayne Inn in Pennsylvania, co-owner of Bay Shores nightclub in Somers Point, NJ.

John McCann, Sr. – North Philadelphia prohibition beer baron, co-owner of Bay Shores, father of John McCann, Jr.

John McCann, Jr. – Manager of the Dunes nightclub in Egg Harbor Township, site of the Anglemeyer murder, later Mayor of Somers Point, commuted for council meetings by private plane from Pittsburgh, Pa. where he was a resident when he and his family disappeared, fleeing federal drug charges for importing tons of cocaine through Panama. Arrested at Canadian border, pleaded guilty to get wife off, sentenced to life imprisonment, wife married his lawyer, he testified before Kerry Committee, testimony that is still classified today but implicates the CIA in cocaine drug trafficking and with Manuel Noriega, dictator of Panama. McCann died of a cancer in federal prison.

LBJ – President of the United States, nominated at the 1964 Democratic Convention in Atlantic City.
Richard J. Hughes – Governor of the State of New Jersey, authorized the alert of the N.J. National Guard in response to biker threat to Ocean City. RIP

Bob Harbough – Owner of Bob’s Grill. Still there.

Mrs. Shriver Schilling – Daughter of candy store founder, owner of the Ocean City boardwalk theaters and much of the retail space from 7th to 10th Streets.

Mr. Charles Schilling – Husband of Mrs. Shriver, managed her business affairs.

Joe Del – Owner of Del’s Grill on the Boardwalk between 9th and 10th Streets

Roger Monroe – Owner of bookstore, became real estate agent and developer. Still living.

John B. Kelly, Sr. – Founder of Kelly Construction. RIP

Lake Brothers – Founders of Ocean City. Originally from Pleasantville.

Skyliters – Played Tony Marts – included Jimi Hendrix and Felix Cavalari of Rascals

Joey Dee – Leader of the Starliters – with hit song “Peppermint Twist”

Dion DeMucci  – Hit songs including “Runaround Sue” and "Abraham, Martin and John."

Little Stevie Wonder – Played Under 21 Club. Still Performing

Bill Haley – Leader of the Comets – Hit songs include “Rock Around the Clock,” “Shake Rattle and Roll”

Conway Twitty – Rock and Roll star who “went country” after playing Tony Marts

Anthony Marotta – Mr. Tony Mart – Owner of Tony Marts Café in Somers Point, N.J.

Len Carey – Leader of the Krackerjacks – First house band at Tony Marts

Col. Harold Kutlets – Toronto booking agent and promoter.

Female Beatles – All girls band that played Tony Marts.

Ted Schall – Gossip columnist and ad salesman for Press of Atlantic City Entertainment Section

Doobie Duberson – Tony Marts bartender.Retired to Hawaii.

Elwood Kirkman – Owner of the Flanders Hotel, Seaview Country Club, Boardwalk Bank, Chelsea Title Company and motels along the Black Horse and White Horse Pikes

H. Hap Farley – Kirkman’s Georgetown Law School roommate, succeeded Nucky Johnson as political boss of Atlantic City. Responsible for construction of Atlantic City Expressway and the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

Stumpy Orman – Underworld Boss of Atlantic City.

Angelo Bruno – Underworld Boss of Philadelphia and South Jersey

Mr. Oschlager – Manager of the Shriver chain of boardwalk theaters

Marlon Brando – Star of the Wild One movie.

James Coburn – Bad guy star of Wild One movie.

Roger Evoy – Photo – Friend of Carmen Maratta.

Kate Waldman – Composite character based on a number of persons known to the author

Chris Waldman – Composite character based on a number of persons known to the author

Mike Pedicin, Sr. – Still playing sax on occasion

Mike Pedicin, Jr. – Star jazz saxman

Charlie Gracie – Still playing today

Pete Carroll – Quit music to become a tractor trailer truck driver

Johnny Caswell – Became a music producer in California.

Robert Ridarelli – Became Bobby Rydel, popular singer still performing.

Tido Mambo – Disappeared, reported killed in knife fight

Duncan – Retired founder of Yesterdays Bar and Restaurant, Columbia, South Carolina.

Buddy Tweill – Retired to run Florida beach concession, died of cancer.

Malcolm – Married Ruby Falls, became NYC police officer, retired

Levon Helm – Continued with The Band in backing Dylan and as The Band after the Last Waltz, played 
Loretta Lynn’s father opposite Sissy Space in Coal Miner’s Daughter, and later as Vietnam era veteran in Sniper. Overcame throat cancer to play and sing again and released award winning solo LP Dirt Farmer, performed as the headliner at Borgata casino in Atlantic City and performed regularly in his barn studio in Woodstock, NY before he died of cancer.

The Hawks

Robbie Robertson – Did soundtrack for Carney movie and released solo LPs including Storyville about the New Orleans neighborhood that was gutted by authorities.

Rick Danko – Continued to perform with The Band after the Last Waltz, and performed as a solo act and duo with others and with his own band as he did at the Good Old Days picnic before he passed away.

Richard Manuel – Committed suicide in Florida motel bathroom while on tour with The Band. 

Garth Hudson – Backs many people as a studio musician, and lives in Woodstock, NY

Bob Dylan – Continuing the Unending Tour

Albert Grossman – Died in 198

Mary Martin – Fell off the face of the earth. Probably returned to her home in Canada or got married, so last name is no longer married.

John Hammond, Jr. – Opened for Muddy Waters and the Nighthawks at Emerald City (Formerly Latin Casino) in early 1980s. Still performs solo today.

John Hammond, Sr. - After signing Billy Holiday, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen to Columbia, and calling Dylan’s attention to Robert Johnson, passed away in  

Andrew Carnaglia – Still alive, retired in Somers Point.

Carmen Marotta – Continues to promote live music in Somers Point, Ocean City and Atlantic City. Now has own radio program.

Grace Kelly – Princess Grace of Monaco died in a car crash two weeks after missing her family’s Labor Day beach party for the first time in her lifetime.

Chris Mathews – Former Chatterbox cook and singing waiter at Your Father’s Mustache is now a popular TV newsman and celebrity.

Donald Goldstein – Former Chatterbox cook is now University of Pittsburgh historian and author of a number of best selling books on Pearl Harbor including “At Dawn We Slept.”

John B. Kelly – Philadelphia bricklayer and Olympic oarsman died in 196?

Mick Jagger – Leader of the Rolling Stones still performs

Keith Richards – Lead guitarist with the Rolling Stones still performs

David Brenner – KYWTV3 producer and director of many award winning TV documentaries including The Long Cool Summer, became a standup comic and comedian and popular Johnny Carson Tonight Show guest and guest host.

Tom Snyder – Became popular late night TV talk show host.

Jack Murray – Bay Shores manager is believed to have retired to Florida.

Vince Rennich – Worked as Gregory’s bartender for over 25 years and retired before passing away.  

Frank Sinatra – Couldn’t get a job as a singing waiter at Long Comforts because he couldn’t sing loud enough, became leader of the Rat Pack and performed regularly at Skinny D’Amato’s 500 Club in Atlantic City.

LBJ  - President of the United States, succeeded murdered President JFK, and was denominated at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City at Convention (now Boardwalk) Hall a week before the Beatles performed there.

Charles Carney – Somers Point bartender last worked for Andrew Carneglia as the daytime bartender at the Anchorage Tavern.  

Bill Sailor – Still a member of the Tight End Club and laying carpets.

John Hunt – RIP.

Timmy Hunt – Disappeared, where abouts unknown

Gary Duffy – Worked at old Anchorage bartender until it was sold, committed hari kari.

Wayne Kline – May still be living in an assisted living facility.

Michael Shurman – Retired newsman.

Mrs. Smith of Smith’s Pier – RIP 

-          Johnny Mayer – Sold Mayers, restored Ernie’s marina (Point Pub), retired to Florida.

William Morrow – Former policeman and youth sports advocate has Municipal Beach named after him.

Gary Shenfeld – Retired to Florida
Sam McDowell – the Old Salt - Retired to Islands, now living in Carmel California.

Dick Richards Bochelli - Still playing drums at 90 years old with his new band, a power trio -  Ready’s Rockers.

Joey Ambose – Original Comets sax man.

Marshall Lytle – Original Comets standup bass player RIP

Glenn Ford – Star of Blackboard Jungle – passed away, son still alive.

Dick Clark – RIP

Ed Sulivan – RIP

Donald Freed – Cleveland radio DJ who coined the term “Rock and Roll” while interviewing Bill Haley about “Shake, Rattle and Roll.”

Dave Herman – Began Album Oriented Rock AOR at WMMR FM radio at Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia before moving on to New York City. RIP.

Lynda Van Devanter – Became Vietnam nurse, wrote book “Home Before Morning,” and died of Agent Orange induced cancer.

Barbara – Lynda’s friend

Gigi – Lynda’s friend

J.J. – Lynda’s boyfriend from Tuckahoe, in Upper Township, New Jersey disappeared.

Jim Croce – Became popular singer and songwriter, died in small plane crash on take off while on tour.

Leroy Brown – Jim Croce’s Army drill instructor reportedly returned to the Southside of Chicago

P.F. Kludge – aka Frank Ridgeway, “Wordman,” now teaches creative writing at Kenyon College, Ohio...

Walt Whitman – Died in Camden, NJ, buried at Farleigh Cemetery, Camden.

Patti Smith – Still visits Whitman’s grave on occasion, performs regularly

Dr. Marcia Smith – Ocean City’s first women doctor passed away in nursing home.

Chris Montagna – Passed away of natural causes

Mrs. Parker Miller – Passed away of natural causes

Mrs. Somers – Sold her home at 819 Wesley to the Kellys, continued working at Copper Kettle Fudge, Passed away of natural causes.

Gary U.S. Bonds – Still performing today. Career resurrected by Bruce Springsteen.

Judge Ed Helfant – Murdered by the mob while eating dinner with his wife in a booth at the Flamingo Lounge and Motel on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City after agreeing to turn state’s evidence and testify against the Scarfo mob.

Lynn Bader – Became Chief of Police in Somers Point before retiring to Florida. 

Billy Bader – Left the Somers Point PD and became a Cape May computer guy

Bill Hamilton – Retired teacher

Nucky Johnson – Served time in Federal Prison for tax evasion 1940-1944, turned reigns of power over to his protégé H. Hap Farley and retired.

Albert Brothers – Continued to host Saturday night jams at their cabin until one of them died and the other got too old to continue, so their friends chipped in and built Alberts Music Hall on donated land off route 9 in Waretown where the bluegrass players and pickers jam every Saturday night.

Sonny McCullough – Former Tony Marts bartender now Mayor of Egg Harbor Township.

Richard Dick Squires – Former Tony Marts bartender and doorman became Atlantic County Executive and Republican Party leader for many years, now retired.

Buck the Bartender – Married and moved to Margate and disappeared.

Dutch Schultz – Arthur Fledgeheimer – Former Anchorage Tavern patron, left wallet and possibly safe at the bar, was killed shortly thereafter while eating in North Jersey.

Daniel Antolini – Former Daniel’s owner, sold restaurant and retired, though he often assists Donny in the kitchen at the world famous and historic New Anchorage Tavern.

Bobby Chic – Retired.

Dan Davis – Suffered a stroke while retired in Ocean City and passed away.

Dan’s Crazy Wife - Disappeared

Joe Walsh – Went to Kent State, Ohio, formed the James Gang, sold out three consecutive shows at Shea Stadium, joined the Eagles and has been sober for 20 years.

Stephanie Stevie Nicks – Continued waitressing until she joined Fleetwood Mac, returned to Ocean City to visit her mother who lived in 9th Street Watsons condo built at the location of the old Watson’s restaurant.

Fred Prinz – Still selling balloons on the Ocean City boardwalk

John Hall – Joined Darrell Oats to form Hall and Oats. Has popular music TV show filmed at his house with guest bands.

Darrell Oats – Still performing, often at Atlantic City casinos.

Todd Rundgren – Still performing, often at Atlantic City casinos.

Bob Scholkopf – Runs the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, NJ with wife Sheila Dean.

Joel Fogel – Still riding his motorcycle, competing in athletic competitions, operating Water Watch International and has a book coming out soon.

John B. “Kell” Kelly – Olympic and Henley rowing champion, died of heart attack while jogging on East 
River Drive, now Kelly Drive, along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, where there is a statue of him rowing near Boat Row.

Ronnie Hawkins – Retired, though still talking.

Ian Fleming – Co-wrote Thunderball with Kevin McCarthy, and invented SPECTRE – the Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence Terrorism and Revenge, that is after the two nukes at the bottom of the sea.

Mitch Ryder – Sill performing

John Lennon – Murdered at the Dakota Hotel lobby in New York City

Harland Holland – Convinced Conway Twitty to “go country” RIP.

Loretta Lynn – Still performing

Mrs. Croce (Jim’s aunt, Pat’s mom) – Still lives in Ocean City

Mrs. Rundgrin – Still lives in Ocean City

Mrs. Waldman – RIP

Pittsburgh Paul – Still living and writing poetry in Pittsburgh

Jiggs - RIP

Prince Rainier – RIP, making son Albert Prince of Monaco.

Lizanne Kelly – RIP in Florida

Don Levine – RIP

John Lehman – Became Secretary of Navy under President Reagan, member of the 9/11 Commission

Mike the Mechanic – Still fixing motorcycles

Philly Steve – Relocated to Southwest, still riding.

Barbecue Jim Dewey Campbell – Lives in Media, Pa and Ocean City

Mrs. Campbell (his aunt-owner of the Chatterbox) – Sold Chatterbox retired RIP

Greg Gregory – Owner of Gregorys Bar and Restaurant

Bill Brumage – Retired Pennsylvania teacher


  1. Levon also released Electric Dirt.
    Doobie's last name was Duberson
    John Hunt, Dave Hermann: RIP